Hubs & Centers in Sustainability

Rice hosts a broad range of scholarship in the sustainability space for which the Rice Sustainability Institute acts as a central hub for the following institutes and centers.

Carbon Hub

Our vision is a zero emissions future, where clean hydrogen energy and advanced carbon materials are co-produced efficiently and sustainably from natural gas and oil. Fossil hydrocarbons are no longer burned for energy and large scale technology is deployed to provide industrial carbon materials that house, move, clothe, and feed people.

E4 Initiative

Earth, Environment, Ecosystems, and Energy

The E4 Initiative for earth, environment, ecosystems and energy is taking action to accelerate discoveries, catalyze partnerships and support student training that will make a difference for our planet, its biodiversity and society.

Center for Energy Studies at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy

Providing new insights on the role of economics, policy and regulation in the performance and evolution of energy markets

Center for Environmental Studies at Rice

School of Architecture • School of Humanities

The Center for Environmental Studies at Rice is a place where humanists, artists, architects, and social scientists come together to conduct research and teaching about the most pressing questions of an era lived in the shadow of massive climate instability and environmental turmoil.


Rice Engineering Initiative for Energy Transition and Sustainability

The George R. Brown School of Engineering at Rice University is uniquely positioned to create disruptive solutions that advance the transition to clean energy.


Severe Storm Prediction, Education, & Evacuation from Disasters Center

The Severe Storm Prediction, Education and Evacuation from Disasters (SSPEED) Center was established in 2007 as a university-based research and education center.


Center for Coastal Futures and Adaptive Resilience

The Center for Coastal Futures and Adaptive Resilience will focus on the Gulf Coast’s intersecting social and environmental challenges.


Harnessing the power of storytelling for change

Social Design Lab

In a multi-tiered Humanities "Design" Studio, participants can develop processes for producing imaginative solutions to problems that are complex in form, content, and scale.