Call for Proposals

Rice Sustainability Workshops

Rice Sustainability Workshops — Call for Proposals

The Rice Sustainability Institute requests proposals to support either the development of new workshops or the expansion of currently scheduled workshops in the sustainability space to occur before June 30, 2025. We seek to support faculty-driven initiatives that place creative new ideas in the public sphere, build support for new sustainability solutions, and catalyze creative new proposals.

Proposals Timeline
  • Proposals are due on or before March 29, 2024
  • Awards will be announced in April 2024
  • We anticipate another call for proposals in early Fall 2024 with bi-annual calls from then on

Full-time faculty members at Rice are eligible to apply.

  • We encourage proposals supported by faculty from (at least) two different schools
  • We encourage (but do not require) proposals which include matching funds from other sources, both internal (e.g., the Creative Venture Funds) and external to Rice
  • Applicants can engage broadly with other campus entities (e.g., other institutes or school-based centers) on a proposal prioritizing the topic of sustainability
  • Proposals may request up to a maximum of $50,000 for an international workshop
  • Requests for more than $10,000 need to demonstrate a significant international component, a particularly strong future funding plan, and/or a particularly strong plan to raise the university’s profile in the sustainability space
  • Note that these funds cannot be used for faculty salary, subcontracts, purchase of research equipment, or reduction of teaching responsibilities
  • Workshops that support the review of academic programs, curriculum development or teaching methodologies are out of scope
Review Process

The proposals will be reviewed by the Rice Sustainability Institute Governing Board.

Selection Criteria
  1. Strengthening Rice’s visibility in the public sphere as a source of sustainability solutions at the local, regional and/or global level
  2. Organizing a team for an upcoming multi-investigator proposal
  3. Developing a white paper on key sustainability topics
  4. Building strategic partnerships with external stakeholders (e.g. NGOs, businesses, governments, other academic institutions)
How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to by the deadline listed above.

Proposals should include the following information in a single document:

  1. Workshop title, date, proposed location
  2. Faculty workshop leads (first name, last name, contact info, department and school)
  3. A single-page budget indicating how the requested funds will be used (as well as the identification of other funding resources supporting the request)
  4. A workshop description that includes:

  1. Topic(s)
  2. Potential speakers
  3. Potential attendees
    1. Please provide a brief description of the audiences you plan to engage with: nonprofit organizations, community stakeholders, governmental representatives, or industry partners.
  4. Tentative schedule
  5. One-page (~500 words) summary of the workshop background and goals
  6. ½ page (~250 words) summary of the expected workshop outcomes,

5. Type of support from the Rice Sustainability Institute (beyond funding):

  1. Will you need staff support to manage the workshop planning and implementation?
  2. Will you need assistance in reaching out to the attendees you would like to invite?
6. A curriculum vitae for each applicant of no more than three pages per CV
Award Requirement

Within one month of completion of the workshop, we require a final report with the outcome(s) and description of the audience.